Notre Dame du Monde

I was given her name

I awoke this morning with a flood of information about the Black Madonna in Australia. I channelled how she was choosing to be housed and the layout of the room, including the initiation steps to be taken by each visitor as they come to Be with the Divine and the truth of Who They Are.

I could visualise a stone building within which, in this moment, she was wanting to be.

I was also given her name: Notre Dame du Monde – The Black Madonna of the World.

I felt a deep sense of awakening. I felt a Divine response from the prayers of so many across the globe. I knew I was being guided to contribute to the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in the world. Even though the imagery of the Black Madonna would be Mother and Child, I perceived an insistence that the representation not limited to this. I perceived an insistence on a more formless representation of Divinity which was choosing to utilise the imagery of the Black Madonna as the means, the vehicle.

I knew that what I was being asked to create was an invitation to each person who comes before her to commune with Oneness in their own Divinity.

I shared the further content I received with my friends. They too could perceive an awakening of all the Black Madonnas for this purpose.

There truly is something happening on the planet and this calling I received is part of a bigger emergence of the feminine arising globally. I know it is all for a return to balance, lost due to our loss of balance in how we function on the planet.

I wish you could feel the Divine Love I am feeling in this moment. Any notion of judgement in regard to what was downloading faded within the state of bliss and love I was experiencing.

Notre Dame du Monde

The call to create a Black Madonna in Australia

My experience with the Blessed Mother had created a state of bliss, gratitude and humbleness that is difficult to describe. As we continued on our pilgrimage journey and arrived in Chartres, I continued to perceive an ongoing dialogue with Her yet no words filtered down to be cognitive. This changed during a moment’s meditation, I heard this call: “You are to create a Black Madonna in Australia”.

I had no idea how or where I could begin. I had no idea why I was being asked to do this. I never questioned not doing it. I knew that if I was being asked, I would also be shown how to move forward with this Divine request. This was not about me, it was about what was wanting to unfold for all. I was aware of how the world may judge me – “Who are you to create such a representation of Divinity?” My devotion to God (then and now) trumps any notion of the world to judge this endeavour.

I shared with my friends and my son what I was asked to do by Divine Mother.

Notre Dame du Monde

The next day

In the morning we all went into the village. It was bustling with the day’s visitors. I shyly returned to the Chateau. I had not yet mentioned anything to Rosslyn and Angela or Patrick about the night before. Amongst a full crowd who had come to be with Her, I again was embraced by Divine Mother. This Divine Love was unconditional and innately given to all who came to be with Her.

After we left the Chateau and were seated nearby, I again received direction. This time I began to write Mother Mary’s words into a Facebook post. The others were wanting to explore the village further. I then explained to them what happened the night before and that I was posting the words.

It took courage to post as I continued to wonder “Who am I to be delivering Her words?”

I pressed “Post” and continued into the village.

Notre Dame du Monde

Where this journey began

This day in the late afternoon we arrived in Rocamadour, France. The visit was part of an extended pilgrimage which Rosslyn Blundell, Angela Fagan, my son, Patrick Mallard and I were undertaking visiting sacred sites of Mary and Mary Magdalene across France and Scotland.

I was already feeling such a blessedness due to the experiences I had already had. We arrived quite tired into Rocamadour yet I was eager to visit the Chateau that evening, not even sure if it was still open.

When Rosslyn suggested we take a quick look at how to get to the Chateau for the morning (we were driving ourselves), I leaped at the invitation. Angela and Patrick stayed at the hotel.

We soon not only found how to get there, we ventured into the village. The days comings and goings were winding down and soon Rosslyn and I found ourselves alone in the Chateau.

I cannot describe the embrace I felt. I looked over to Rosslyn and she also was enveloped in her own experience with Divine Mother. We continued to sit in silence. I then began to experience a disturbance to the stillness. Mother was calling me to write her words. I felt both a sense of surrealness and urgency to get the words on paper. My mind was wondering “was this really happening?”

I wrote the words but did not tell Rosslyn. After Mother Mary’s message was written, with tears welling from Her Love, I quickly put the notebook back in my bag, still feeling surreal about what had unfolded.

Mother Mary’s Message to us all is:

“Tell the world about the beauty of love and loving each other. We are all the sons of God, no matter the origin. We are all the daughters of Mother, no matter the origin. We are born to awaken the soul beyond the body and know all is as God, known to God and Beloved by God. No-one is alone. All are loved beyond measure. Be in the love of Divinity beyond the measure of the world. Pray to me and I will bring your prayer to life. I have vowed to be there for all who ask me. Know this. I am overjoyed to be with you here. Love all as I love you. You are all my children and relish the embrace of you in my arms. Come to me – all is well – do not leave my embrace.”

I prayed before Notre Dame de Rocamadour, the vehicle from which Divine Mother delivered her message for us all.

Upon our return to the hotel, I took this photo of the village from the hotel balcony.

The beauty of the night sky was exquisite and breathtaking. A reflection of what had just unfolded and which I was yet to share with my friends.