Notre Dame du Monde

The City of Mary

I was back from the pilgrimage trip and remained in awe of the many experiences with Divinity I was honoured to have had. I reflected on the great many who undertook similar pilgrimage journeys and knew too that it was due to their calling and seeking of Divinity that the sites were so potent and incredibly gifting to the pilgrim.

I was watching a news program this day and a story was screened of a lost hiker in Marysville Victoria. My body jumped from the inside out. I knew in that moment that she wanted to be housed there. My left brain them observed the information and it made sense (not that it had to) – Marysville means ‘The city or town of Mary’. She is wanting a clear anchoring on the land for all to find her.

Another aspect which continues to remain clear. She was not wanting to be limited in how she is represented eg only to a particular religion. The energy remained as an open invitation for every single person to come to her.

I remain resolute in perceiving the awareness as and when it arises.