Notre Dame du Monde Story

Messages from the Divine Feminine

I have begun to hear the Divine Feminine calling me.

I feel her calling from everywhere. It is like she is imbued in the ether and is ever present at this time.

It is familiar to the Divine Feminine I felt when, together with Rosslyn Blundell and Angela Fagan, we reflected on Notre Dame de Paris.

Notre Dame du Monde is a representation of her and the Divine Feminine. I always felt, even in the early days when I was first perceiving the awareness and information to create Notre Dame du Monde, that she did not want to be limited to the physical form. This is what I continue to perceive “loud and clear”.

I feel I am ready now to surrender into what she is asking of me. Somehow it feels so much more potent that even the initial calling.

I recently was reminded of the urgency on the planet when listening to the recent global gathering of the Pachamama Alliance and knew it was no coincidence that I was now hearing her call.

In this moment, I feel I am being asked to begin downloading her words to the world, and this is what I will do.

It is clear that she is choosing to communicate as the Divine Feminine.

This is not only to awaken the Divine Feminine within us all, it is for her to communicate her perpetual presence with us at this time.

The feeling of her gentle yet potent love and deep encouragement is endlessly reassuring and non-judgmental.

It’s purpose is to awaken our infinite potential and utilise the fruits of this potential in the world.

We have all chosen to incarnate at this time, and now we are being asked to step into our own divinity, access awareness, and facilitate the unique and specific changes we are here to institute.

This blog will now change form to communicating her messages. From time to time, I will update you on the journey of Notre Dame du Monde.

In Gratitude

Enrica Mallard