Message from the Divine Feminine

Message from the Divine Feminine

While the world is in a chaotic state of dis-ease, beyond is peace. Know this.

I am here to guide all my children to a peace beyond the current understanding. This alone will ease the pain and torment you are all experiencing.

I am overjoyed to be sharing my love with you in this way.

I will continue to communicate so I may speak with all my children. I do not see your differences. I feel you all in my heart and from there you will never leave.

Even though many of you have forgotten, and despite your fear and disbelief, what connects us remains.

Know I love you. Seek me.

I have given you nature, and sentient and other beings hold space on earth until you all awaken to your true nature – your inheritance.

Love is all that matters.

My love for you will always be. I yearn to embrace you anew.