Message from the Divine Feminine

Message from the Divine Feminine

Dear Ones,

Step away from the past ways. They have not created the bliss of your nature. You have been fooled by the thief of matter and now we are witnessing the unravelling of your dependency.

Many systems and structures will collapse. They hold a false economy, not sustainable in the togetherness of the heart.

You are at the threshold of knowing your nature and this is the only purpose for being here.

We have travelled many paths together yet you do not remember.

The future is secured by love alone.

My children, you have love enough to heal this world. I will guide you there.

Courage is required to drop what you have held as real. It is not so. It is a blind lie of delusion.

Begin. Look within and find me. There you will find you.

We can never part. That is not possible.

I weep that you do not remember.

I have come to tremble the ground so that all my children awaken to life.

The first stage has begun.

Beyond, celestial beings and others have felt the ripple of distress and have chosen to hold space for you and the world.

The unfolding is known throughout.

Love is the fabric that binds us as one. You will not be abandoned. This would be severing a part of the infinite and that is not possible.

The bells are sounding. The disruption has begun. This is required, my children, to awaken you to your heart.