Notre Dame du Monde Story

The Black Madonna was commissioned

We commissioned the work to Leigh Conkie. I, Rosslyn and Angela has prepared a brief including photos of images we was drawn to include to form inspiration for the carving. I translated it into Japanese for Hikaru who was carving her. She was created over the Easter period.

After handing over the specifications I began experiencing an anxiety I could not explain. I continued to surrender to God in every moment, surrendering both my anxiety and how the Black Madonna would look once carved.

During the period she was being created, we did not see her. I received assurance from Rosslyn’s words: “It is in her hands now, she will be as she chooses to be.”

She was completed on Monday 13th April 2010 with only a few finishing touches needed. The photo below is how she was that day (photo taken by Leigh Conkie).

Notre Dame du Monde on Monday 13th April 2020. Hikaru is yet to complete details on her.