I welcome you to a blog dedicated to the awareness of the Black Madonna and the invitation that is currently emerging for the awakening of the Divine Feminine in us all.

Below I recount how the journey of Notre Dame du Monde began. I do not know how the journey will continue to unfold, yet I am committed to sharing what awareness and messages do arise.

We are all here to awaken to Our Authentic Self, embracing all aspects of ourselves. While I know that to return to balance on our planet the re-emergence of the feminine in all of us (male and female) is required, I did not plan or envisage the direction my own journey would take in being part of the awakening of the Divine Feminine worldwide.

I will continue to humbly and simply lay bear before Divine Mother and notice what continues to arise to be shared for all.

Thank you in sincerity and gratitude

Enrica Mallard